Christ For The Nations

Christ For The Nations – Responding – 2010

01. Lift The Name Of Jesus02. Son of God03. My Soul Longs04. With All My heart05. Break Open heaven06. Prayer For The Nations07. Deeper Places08. I Will [...]

Christ For The Nations – Perfecto Amor – 2010

01. La Sangre de Jesus02. Glorifica al Rey03. Algo Tan Real04. Maravilloso Dios05. El Es06. Bendito Es07. Perfecto Amor08. Lo que Soy09. Tu Mereces Todo10. [...]

Christ For The Nations – Perfect Love – 2009

01. Oh Crimson Flow02. Glorify Our King03. Something So Real04. Wonderful God05. He Is06. Blessed is the One07. Perfect Love08. All of Me09. You Deserve It [...]

Christ For The Nations – Desperate Hour – 2008

01. Be Blessed02. Father, Spirit, Jesus03. I Believe In Him04. Glory To Our King05. Only You06. You Captivate My Heart07. Holy Says It All08. Turn Your Eyes [...]

Christ For The Nations – Overtaken – 2005

01. The Lord Reigns02. Overtaken03. Love Song04. The Lord's Generation05. Rain06. Glory Come Down07. So Beautiful08. You Will Be My Song09. Simple Love Song10. [...]